Changzhou Sun Plus Laminate Co.,Ltd. is located in the core industrial cluster of Henglin Town, the "Flooring Town of China", in the central region of 90-minute economic circle of Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hangzhou.

Changzhou Sun Plus Laminate Co.,Ltd. has a registered capital of 50 million us dollars, covering an area of more than 80 mu and a construction area of 100,000 square meters.The company has "used for refractory plate heating system", "on-line monitoring and control system", "automatic vacuum press production system", "automatic return operating system" and other industries are also the most advanced technology and equipment integration in China.Have "SUN+", "Xin DE Yuan Heng", "Xin DE Mei Kang" and other famous brands.

The company possesses complete global certifications, including the ISO 9001 certification of Quality Management System, ISO 14001 certification of Environmental Management System, and CE certifications of EN438-2:2005, EN438-4:2005, and EN438-7:2005.

In order to adapt to the global market trend of green, energy-saving and environmental protection, the company develops and introduces 30 automatic production lines with advanced online control at home and abroad, which ensures efficient production and stable quality

During the fulfillment of its social responsibility, Xinde Yuanheng leads the HPL board industry into the age of green energy, and work with DiSen Group to founding Changzhou Di Sen DE Heng New Energy And Technology co., LTD.Two 40T biomass boilers are introduced to provide energy and power.And the energies it uses in production process are all biomass materials.

Hence, the company enters the upward channel in an environment-friendly, energy-saving, low-cost, and high-quality virtuous production circle.

Company Introduce

Company Introduce


Excellent quality and reliable customer. The company is based

on R & D and quality driven by two wheels


Excellent quality and reliable customer. The company is based on R & D and quality driven by two wheels. To establish a strong technical team, in cooperation with the Nanjing Forestry University, founded the "Changzhou new refractory plate & adhesive engineering technology research center", "Changzhou city Wujin District Naihuoban engineering technology research center", "cooperation base", continuous development of high technology, the development of high-tech products, the formation of a sound quality management system

Xin De Yuan Heng constant practice of social responsibility, leading the industry into the era of fire prevention board of green energy, cooperation and the establishment of the Changzhou Deheng Addison Addison shares of Amperex Technology Limited, the introduction of two 40T biomass boiler, but also can provide the energy supply, used in the production process of energy using biomass fuel, from the company to enter the environmental protection, energy saving, cost reduction, the quality of the production cycle of benign rising channel.


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