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Slogan for outreach activities: firm belief, encourage oneself by virtue, never forget the original ideal and ambition, carry forward with virtue

The Beginning of Autumn has passed, representing that summer has passed and autumn has come. The scorching hot summer day leaves with the typhoon and the cool meaning arrives with the autumn meaning. Xindeyuanheng management team with excellent staff to carry out outreach activities in Anhui.

At 6:00 on the morning of August 31 all the staff were brisk and ready to go. The tour bus slowly opened the gate of Xinde Yuan Heng, and all the staff set out in high spirits. The first stop in Anhui Province Xuancheng County Taohuatan scenic area to feel Li Bai, "Peach Blossom  Pool water up to a thousand feet deep, less than Wang Lun sent me" sentiment. Wang Lun invited Li Bai to visit the place where he was an  official,  and the letter said, "is it good to swim, sir? There are ten miles of peach blossoms here; is it good to drink, sir? There are ten thousand  restaurants here. "Li Bai read the letter, very happy and went to visit.


Afternoon, the first stop Taohuatan scenic spot, clear skies, green water and green mountains washed away the fatigue of our journey. All   the staff have experienced the peach blossom depths of 3,000 feet and the style of the million restaurants, the breeze can be slow hair can  think of the ancient feelings of seclusion.


「 李白乘舟将欲行,忽闻岸上踏歌声。  桃花潭水深千尺,不及汪伦送我情」

The next day Xin Deyuan staffs visited Huizhou [Hongcun], a world cultural heritage site; Hongcun is also known as the "Niushaped village" of ancient buildings with green walls and tile wharf walls; the ancient Huizhou people's way of being human, official and teacher's way. At the  same time, let our posterity learn loyalty, filial piety, festivals and righteousness. If these four words are integrated into our daily work. The  heavenly palace made a beautiful rain, and the Hongcun in the rain emanated the charm of antique ancient city. Employees of Xin De Yuan  Heng took group photos under the bullshaped tree at the head of the village in Hongcun, wishing Xin De Yuan Heng the best of luck in the future I also wish all the staff are as strong as the ox and the newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger.





On the third day, we went to the Tang Dynasty archway group to represent the ancient Huizhou architecture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Tong's seven connected archway group not only embodies the important testimony of the merchants in Anhui Province for more than three  hundred years. It also reflects the Huizhou people's wisdom and strict etiquette in accordance with the ancients, loyalty and filial piety, moral and ethical integrity and humanistic history of people-oriented. Each memorial archway has an emotional intertwined moving story. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong, the Bao family, who had  praised the owner of the medal hall, called it Tang Hui, the first township in the south of the Yangtze River. It was also called Tang Yue,  Tangchuan and Cixiaoli. Legend has it that in the early Tang Dynasty, the descendants of Bao An-guo and his brother-in-law Wang Hua, who were the guardians of Bao Hong in Xin'an in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, donated money to help the people. Tang Gaozu Xun was awarded the title of "Tang Yue Gong". The village they lived in was called "Tang Yue". Later, Bao borrowed the phrase of "covering Bo Fu  and Gan Tang" in the Book of Songs, and the homonym of "Tang" was "Tang" and "Yue" was "Hui", which meant that the branches and leaves of Tang were luxuriant and profitable, so the name of "Tang Hui" has been used to this day.


先世居郡城西门,  南宋建别墅于棠樾


The happy time always passes very quickly, the short three days outings ended in everybody's joyful laughter, like that lyric such as "the sunshine always after the rain, please believe that after the rain has the rainbow".On this trip, we learned that the Confucian loyalty, filial piety, chastity, and lovingkindness of the Huizhou style are used in our daily work and life.We would also like to thank the management of Xindeyuanheng for providing this precious opportunity and time for our employees to experience the care and training of our employees, and also appreciate the active cooperation of all the staff.We will also redouble our efforts to create a bright future for our company and ourselves.

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